In just a few weeks Thinkers50 Award Winner, Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, will be hosting our next GERBUS Knowledge Day (September, 13th): Making Change Happen

We stole a few seconds of his time to share some of his thoughts with us…

What is your key message on September, 13th?

“Change”, requires today’s CEOs, now more than ever, to apply a different management approach, more focused on leadership aspects, as well as the role of facilitator. Learning from Project-Economy, CEOs should define their role as that of a “project-owner” and use the framework to execute on required changes.

Why is this topic relevant?

Because “Change” is difficult to manage! A vast number of companies fail when implementing their strategic initiatives and projects, wasting millions of dollars, and missing exceptional growth opportunities.

What is the main challenge?

Traditionally, business have been run and structured hierarchically with CEOs focused on how to run and optimize (efficiently) the business best. As Rita McGrath told me, it was about managing the “known and measurable elements of the business”. Yet, this model is becoming obsolete, among others due to recent years’ speed of change, meaning as a CEO you need to re-think your own role and leadership focus. It is now about managing the “unknown and intangible elements of the business”.

Any particular expectations on your side when meeting our members?

From what I have heard, you normally have open, interactive and exiting discussions – I am looking forward to that! Also to listening to the challenges faced by the German leaders. I am sure we will learn from each other.

What are you currently working on?

I just finalised the manuscript for my next book, “The Project Revolution”, coming out early next year – great, but tough work, especially with a world cup in the middle. Also, I will be publishing an article in the German Harvard Business Manager mid-September. And then I have a number of speaking arrangements over the next months, Moscow, Mexico, Singapore, Paris… finishing in Vienna at the Peter Drucker Forum.

Antonio, thank you for your time & looking forward to be seeing you in Hamburg, September, 13th – GERBUS Knowledge Day: Making Change Happen.

Henrik Lauridsen
GERBUS Executive Forum
August 2018

Making Change Happen