In just a few weeks Pim de Morree and Joost Minnaar, will be hosting our next GERBUS Knowledge Day (November, 22nd): Meet the Corporate Rebels

We stole a few seconds of their time to share some of their thoughts with us…

What is your key message on November, 22nd??

A big part of the workforce is disengaged from their work. Organizations around the world are struggling with this serious problem. They have a hard time motivating employees, attracting top talent, and bringing about organizational change, to name just a few.

However, around the world there are a few pioneers that have found ways to create workplaces that are wildly engaging. They abandon the outdated command-and-control style organization and replace it with a workplace that is radically different. In our session, we’ll share what these pioneering organizations do different.

Why is this topic relevant?

Because, the organizations that can truly tap into the motivation of all its employees can easily outperform the ones that can’t. That’s why it’s an important topic for both employees and organizations – and CEOs in particular!

It’s relevant because many organizations are struggling to find ways to beat this nagging problem. It’s basically a question of winning the war of talent and changing the game, from within.

What is the main challenge?

The fact that there isn’t a proper understanding of how work can be organized differently. Many organizations face the problem, but only a few have a good understanding of how things can be done differently. We need to replace fancy jargon with clear, pragmatic, and successful examples of organizations that show that there’s a better, more engaging, and more successful way to work.

Any particular expectations on your side when meeting our members?

We’d love to address the main challenges faced in German businesses and show how workplace pioneers around the world handle such difficulties. We expect a sharing of experiences, challenges, and ideas and look forward to combine them with our insights into progressive workplaces. A day of challenging traditional thinking, a day of rebellion.

What are you currently working on?

We’re finalizing our book on the 100+ pioneering workplaces we’ve visited around the world. It will be published in multiple languages in Q1 of 2019. Additionally, we fly around the world to give presentations, workshops, and to support our clients to implement new ways of working. And on the side Joost is working on his PhD on self-management in large organizations.

Pim & Joost, thank you for your time & looking forward to be seeing you in Hamburg, November, 22nd – GERBUS Knowledge Day: Meet the Corporate Rebels.

Henrik Lauridsen
GERBUS Executive Forum
October 2018

Meet the Corporate Rebels