In just a few weeks the Co-Author of Sense & Response, Jeff Gothelf (Shortlisted for the 2017 Thinkers50 Innovation Award & HBR Press Author), will be hosting our next GERBUS Knowledge Day (February, 28th): Agility: Customers First!

We stole a few seconds of his time to share some of his thoughts with us …

What is your key message on February, 28th?

Software has consumed every industry. Along with it, Agile has become the default operating system for product development teams within organisations. The combination of these two factors should be complementary because Agile was born of the software industry. However, without applying the ideas of agility to the entire organisation, companies will not be able to fully realise the benefits of this new reality. The true benefits of agility can only be gained if companies put the customer first, learn continuously, adjust course as necessary and manage their teams to outcomes rather than the simple delivery of products and services.

Why is this topic relevant?

Every organisation is struggling with how to do business in the digital economy. Barriers to entry have been shattered. Customers hold all the power. And software has made building global brands significantly easier. The sooner our companies learn to sense & respond the more agile they will be allowing them to react much more quickly to what their markets demand delivering more customer value and generating more revenue.

What is the main challenge?

Companies still think, operate and incentivise as if they were a 20th century manufacturing operation. They focus on producing more software rather the right software services and products assuming that the more we can create, faster the better we will perform. This is a flawed assumptions because more software does not necessarily equate with more value. Transitioning companies to thinking continuously, budgeting more frequently and embracing the uncertainty of a digital world is extremely difficult.

Any particular expectations on your side when meeting our members?

I’m excited to engage in a vigorous debate of these ideas. I expect that certain members will come from industries that have already embraced these ideas while others will still be skeptical. I hope we can get to a point where we all agree to at least experiment with these ideas.

What are you currently working on?

I have been building new curriculums for distribution in 2019 that focus on the challenges of managing digital businesses. These ideas are part of my public workshops, in-house trainings and coaching and also my latest business, Sense & Respond Press.

Jeff, thank you for your time & looking forward to be seeing you in Hamburg, February, 28th – GERBUS Knowledge Day: Agility: Customers First!.

Henrik Lauridsen
GERBUS Executive Forum
January 2019

Agility: Customers First!