In about a month’s time, Dr. Tendayi Viki, award winning author of “The Corporate Startup” and listed on Thinkers50 Radar 2018 list, will be hosting our next GERBUS Knowledge Day (September, 12th): Managing Core – Leading Innovation

We stole a few minutes of his time to share some of his thoughts with us…

What is your key message for September, 12th?

In the 21st century, leaders can no longer simply focus on managing their currently successful business models well. While managing the core business is important, leaders also need to think about how their companies can innovate for the future. This requires new management methods, mindset changes and cultural shifts within organizations.

Why is this topic relevant?

Every organization I work with is struggling with disruption or the threat of disruption. While the world has always changed, the pace of change nowadays has increased. Technology and software are lowering barriers to entry for new startups. No industry is immune to this. It is important for established companies to find new ways of innovating, before the startups find inroads into their markets and start taking away customers.

What is the main challenge?

The main challenge we face is that most established companies are organised around their currently successful business models. Everything within the company, from HR, finance, legal, compliance and branding, is organised to deliver the currently successful business models. So it is a big challenge for leaders to take some of that existing resource and redirect it to innovation. The changes required to do that can be daunting. The workshop in September is about how leaders can do that well.

Any particular expectations on your side when meeting our members?

I am expecting a highly interactive workshop full of lively debate. The key question for discussion should be how we can adapt and apply these principles within our organizations. My expectation is that people can leave the session with at least one or two ideas they can implement straight away within their company.

What are you currently working on?

Since becoming Associate Partner at Strategyzer, I have been working on a few projects. We are currently developing an online course on how to Test Business Ideas. I am also completing two books, while working with several clients on transformation projects.

Tendayi, thank you for your time & looking forward to be seeing you in Hamburg, September, 12th – GERBUS Knowledge Day: Managing Core – Leading Innovation

Henrik Lauridsen
GERBUS Executive Forum
August 2019

Managing Core – Leading Innovation