Inspiring interview with Jim Hagemann Snabe by Thinking the Unthinkable on making the world more sustainable and a better place through leadership!

For the first time in history, we have the technology to make the world more sustainable while making a profit. Now it is up to business leaders to recognize and drive this development.

Jim Hagemann Snabe: we need to challenge and rethink the entire leadership and business models. We can’t plan and control outcomes in a world that is unpredictable. Instead, we need to establish a culture of seeking change and innovation, ambitious dreams, and unleashing human potential to dramatically accelerate a sustainable future.

The opportunity is there, but not everyone is grabbing it. Not taking the risk now may be the biggest risk a leader can take.

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Jim Hagemann Snabe: (3:24 min)

Together with Mikael Trolle, Jim Hagemann Snabe is co-chairman of our Future Lab #Dreams&Detail, which offers a closed, exclusive and innovative space for business leaders (approx. 20 Peers) to discuss, reflect, develop and execute on new modern leadership frameworks. We are addressing CEOs, top executives & business leaders heading medium-sized and large organisations.

Together, we want to make an impact!

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