On April, 28th, Jim Hagemann Snabe and Mikael Trolle, authors of the book „Dreams&Details“ – and chairmen of our Future Lab #Dreams&Details – visited the EU Business School in Barcelona to talk about their view on future leadership.

We are living in a time of constant change, which more than ever before is challenging our leadership approach – and our businesses. As leaders, we have to accept – and see the great opportunities – that we too need to reinvent ourselves…

Get inspired from this short video with Mikael Trolle (co-author, CEO of the Dreams&Details Academy and previous professional sportsman). Here a few take-aways:

“For me, coming from the sports world, we would never accept that we plan to play tomorrow as we played today. We know from sports- and talent work that if you create the right frame work, they (players) can develop dramatically. But they should not be looked at as ressources,  we should look at them as potential development of the company. And that takes a new leadership.

Mikael Trolle: (2:25 min)

Our Future Lab #Dreams&Detail offers a closed, exclusive and innovative space for business leaders (approx. 20 Peers) to discuss, reflect, develop and execute on new modern leadership frameworks. We are addressing CEOs, top executives & business leaders heading medium-sized and large organisations.

Together, we want to make an impact!

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