Article by Henrik Lauridsen, CEO & Founder of GERBUS Academy

THiNKMAGAZiNE, März 2018 “Traditionally, Germany has been so successful in industrial engineering and production, that is has failed to look beyond product and process for new types of innovation. Their innovation has largely been incremental – making existing business, products and processes, better. [.] Germany is clearly still successful, worldwide, but in terms [...]

Article by Henrik Lauridsen, CEO & Founder of GERBUS Academy2020-06-12T15:04:32+01:00

Germany’s New Innovation Opportunity

By Henrik Lauridsen, Founder of GERBUS Academy: Contribution in Thinkers50 Europe’s THiNKMAGAZiNE, March 2018 According to The Guardian, “Berlin is fast gaining a reputation as a creative hub for sustainable and social businesses, making the most of cheap working spaces” Not that many years ago (in 2013), the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, stated that “the [...]

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