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Blitzscaling – Using hypergrowth to drive massive value mit Chris Yeh (Co-Autor & Co-founder) und Jeff Abbott(Co-Founder & CEO) der Global Scaling Academy

How to build lasting competitive advantage

“Blitzscaling isn’t simply a matter of rapid growth. Every company is obsessed with growth. In any industry, you live and die by the number – user acquisition, margins, growth rate, and so on. Yet growth alone is not blitzscaling. Rather, blitzscaling is prioritizing speed over efficiency in the face of uncertainty.” (Chris Yeh and Reid Hoffman)

Journalists are correct when they write that blitzscaling calls for prioritizing speed over profits, but omit the most important question: Why blitzscale? The purpose of blitzscaling is to achieve enduring market leadership in a winnertake-most or winner-take-all market, which occurs when being the first player to reach critical scale brings lasting competitive advantage. Companies that choose to blitzscale will soon set the pace of progress in every industry.

Blitzscaling is relevant not only for start-ups, but increasingly also for traditional, established companies and corporations moving into new business areas and new markets, facing unexperienced competition and the potential threat of disruption.

This is the focus of this Knowledge Day: how can you successfully apply the Blitzscaling framework to improve the speed and scalability of new and current operations. How can you use it to transform your organization to identify, partner with, build internally, or acquire the capabilities for hyper-growth that could sustainably propel your organization through the coming decades. And what does it require in terms of your leadership and your decision-making processes…

Key Take-Aways

  • What is blitzscaling and what makes a company “blitzscalable?”
  • How to use the “growth factors” and “growth limiters” to assess the “blitzscalability” of companies and growth initiatives
  • When to blitzscale – and when to stop!
  • How to lead and manage during the hyper-growth that occurs when blitzscaling
  • How to bring blitzscale speed into the large organization
  • How to blitzscale responsibly and sustainably

GERBUS Knowledge Days – Agenda

8.30 – 9.00 Arrival & Registration

Understanding Blitzscaling

  • What is blitzscaling?
  • Why blitzscale?

Responsible Blitzscaling

  • The positive impact of blitzscaling
  • When to blitzscale and when to stop!

12.30 – 13.15 Lunchbuffet & Networking

Applying Blitzscaling within the Corporation

  • Identification of blitzscalable opportunities
  • Business model design for blitzscalability

Leading through Blitzscaling

  • Strategic decision-making
  • Management techniques

Wrap Up & Good Bye (latest at 18.00)

Coffee breaks – morning & afternoon included