Lade Veranstaltungen

mit Dr. Tendayi Viki, PhD MBA, preisgekrönter Autor von „The Corporate Startup“

With the world changing fast, most leaders and managers now agree that innovation is an imperative for their companies. The challenge for many leaders in large companies and the “Mittelstand” is that they tend to treat innovation as a sideshow – something that is done by a small group of people away from the day-to-day business of running the company. Furthermore, when innovation does happen the focus is on using R&D to make the current product lines better or improve marketing to reach new customer segments. In other words, many leaders think they are leading innovation but what they are mostly doing is improving their core business.

Innovating on the core is important but it is not enough – companies also need to engage in business model innovation. To make their companies sustainable into the future, leaders need to learn how to lead and manage their core business, while at the same time driving an innovation culture that is focused on exploring new products and business models of the future. The challenge for leaders is how to manage these two important activities in the same company at the same time.

The key leadership discipline is to ensure that we do not manage innovation using the same traditional processes we use to manage the core business. Traditional management practices are not suitable for managing innovation. What is needed are new ways and practices for leading teams that searching for innovative and profitable business models. Great innovation teams are autonomous, cross-functional and use experimentation and iterative methods to create new products and services. Such teams require a different style of management from the traditional approach.

As such, leaders need to create and manage a future oriented innovation ecosystem. Active innovation leadership from managers is required for success. This is what this workshop is about. How do executives lead innovation and make it a repeatable process in their companies, whilst still managing the current core? Leaders can no longer treat innovation like a sideshow. Every company now needs a repeatable process for taking ideas from concept to scale.

Dr. Tendayi Viki, PhD MBA

Tendayi is the award winning author of The Corporate Startup. He works with large companies helping them innovate for the future while running their core business. He was nominated for the Thinkers50 2017 Innovation Award and listed on the Thinkers50 Radar 2018 list for emerging management thinkers to watch.