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The AI Revolution – a leadership perspective, mit Prof. Dr. Mark Esposito

Building the leadership bridge to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and the autonomous systems that embed it have become the brains of the modern data economy. As such, they have started to reshape human values, trust, and power around the world. Whether in medicine, money, or love, technologies powered by forms of artificial intelligence are playing an. increasingly prominent role in our lives.

New AI technologies can drive cars, treat damaged brains and nudge workers to be more productive, but they also can threaten, manipulate, and alienate us from others. They can pit nation against nation, but they also can help the global community tackle some of its greatest challenges from food crises to global climate change. As we cede more decisions to thinking machines, we face new questions about staying safe, keeping a job and having a say over the direction of our lives. How AI evolves and what role it takes in our lives for better or worse, might depend on our race, gender, age, behavior, or nationality.

This Knowledge Day is designed for business leaders seeking in-depth understanding of how to manage and apply artificial intelligence in the global business world. We will cover frontier technologies‘ implications, applications, and opportunities in both public and private sectors. Participants will also learn to determine when to pursue new technologies and how to implement them for organizational purposes. And we will address the consequential leadership challenges.

Please notice that due to COVID-19, the Knowledge Day is taking place ONLINE. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Key Take-Aways

  • Learn about trends emerging from the rise of frontier tech
  • Gain strategic perspectives in AI technologies and their dynamics
  • Learn how to visualize and utilize machine learning from a business AI
  • Seek an actionable and practical way to introduce AI into your company

GERBUS Knowledge Days – Agenda

8.30 – 9.00 Arrival & Registration

The Current State of Technology

  • The beginning of the hype: How has this changed management practice
  • Technology today versus technology tomorrow: How to shape decision-making in the C-suite

Emergence of New Business Models through Information Economy and AI as a Service?

  • The current state of general purpose technologies (GPTs)
  • Debunking AI and digital transformation
  • The need for accessible and affordable AI solutions
  • The dependency on the large tycoons: FAANG and BAT and beyond
  • Making sense of AI trends to enhance innovation and pivot new business opportunities

Ca. 12.30 – 13.15 Lunch, Networking & Reflection

Deep Dive into the Value Chains and Main Instruments in the AI Landscape

  • Understanding the role of AI within existing processes
  • What machine learning can and cannot do (various industry examples)
  • Business AI: what it is and how it work
  • Selected Use Cases from selected industries

Digital Diagnostics and Value Propositions

  • Strategic areas for automation and digitalization
  • How to build from digital transformation to intelligent automation
  • The 5 steps required for the implementation of AI in your firm

Wrap Up & Goodbye (latest at 18.00)

Coffee breaks – morning & afternoon included

Prof. Dr. Mark Esposito

Mark is an acclaimed bestselling author, professor and global thought-leader in matters relating to the 4th Industrial Revolution. He co-founded Nexus Frontier Tech, an AI Firm, dedicated to the productions of AI solutions. He was inducted in 2016 in the radar of Thinkers50 as one of the 30 most prominent business thinkers. He is a global expert of the World Economic Forum and advisor to governments. His last book, “The AI Republic” received global accolade and ranked 1 on Amazon in 6 markets, including Germany.