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Beitrag von Henrik Lauridsen, CEO & Gründer der GERBUS Academy im Thinkers50

THiNKMAGAZiNE, März 2018 “Traditionally, Germany has been so successful in industrial engineering and production, that is has failed to look beyond product and process for new types of innovation. Their innovation has largely been incremental – making existing business, products and processes, better. [.] Germany is clearly still successful, worldwide, but in terms [...]

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“What it means to be a Gamechanger in times of Radical Innovation”

Interview with Peter Fisk, March 2018 What is the DNA of a “Gamechanger” and what are the traits that make them think and act differently? “Gamechanger” businesses see the world differently. They don’t just seek to imitate the success of others, to compete in the markets of today, to frame themselves [...]

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Germany’s New Innovation Opportunity

By Henrik Lauridsen, Founder of GERBUS Academy: Contribution in Thinkers50 Europe’s THiNKMAGAZiNE, March 2018 According to The Guardian, “Berlin is fast gaining a reputation as a creative hub for sustainable and social businesses, making the most of cheap working spaces” Not that many years ago (in 2013), the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, stated that “the [...]

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Now & Next 2018

Big Ideas for German business leaders Exploring the megatrends, best new innovations and next practices … Smarter technology, innovative brands and courageous leadership … Big ideas for German business leaders in the year ahead. By Peter Fisk Expert advisor, keynote speaker, and bestselling author, GeniusWorks Professor of strategy, innovation and [...]

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German Innovation

Is Germany ready to change its game? Germany means high technology, engineering and machines, climate change and renewable energy, science and research, quality and precision … But will these traits ensure a successful future for German business, or do actually hinder the ability to change? By Peter FiskExpert advisor, keynote speaker, and bestselling [...]

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Business Model Innovation

What is Business Model Innovation? Business model innovation and business model development are hot topics in almost every company. The challenge for executives is how to align the various parts of their business models. A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers and captures value. It is a simplified [...]

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Disruptive Innovation

Leading business executives are talking about disruptive innovation, but what does it mean? Disruptive innovation is a powerful way of thinking about innovation-driven growth. The theory has existed since 1995 and is a necessity for many executives who want to be market leaders or to hold their position as market leaders. The [...]

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Business Model Generation

What is Business Model Generation? Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur have written the book Business Model Generation, which gives you strong, simple and proven tools to understand, re-design and implement business models. The book is a practical and inspirational guide for anyone who wants to improve their business or develop a new [...]

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