Apart from being a, hopefully, joyful time spent with family and friends, Christmas time is time for reflection. In less than two weeks, 2019 will end and a new year will begin.

It is the time, where we automatically evaluate the last 12 months, what did we achieve and how did we develop personally and professionally? Most importantly, we set targets and develop our ambitions for the year to come. Still, everything is possible – the new year hasn’t even started yet…

Basically, we probably all wish for the same, good health and prosperity. We want to grow and develop and enjoy live.

I wish for that too. But I also wish for more leadership, in Europe, to embrace the opportunities we have as (still) strong economic nations. I wish for more business leaders to stop trying to simply run exponentially faster and rather lead change through innovation and reinvention of their business models. I wish for more companies to dare the future, to accept uncertainty, as they explore future markets and new business opportunities. I wish for more companies to invest in new ideas, although maybe at first risky and even crazy and I wish for companies to broaden their horizons in terms of where to look, how to organize innovation, what to explore, who to partner up with and which “dots to connect”.

I wish for more start-ups to succeed, bringing new ideas to live and continue as inspiration for others. I wish for more corporates to see the opportunities in joining forces with inspiring start-ups.

I wish for more boards, investors, company owners as well as enablers, decision-makers and employees within companies to align with their CxOs to enable them to lead change. Look beyond your own business and traditional industries, question existing structures and seek inspiration elsewhere – do not simply dismiss such as “won’t work here”.

I wish for more politicians and more business leaders to replace “trust us, we’ll manage – to maintain” with a “look to us, we have a vision – a dream” motion. Wouldn’t it be nice, if we were able to formulate, where we, in Europe, would like to go? How we would like to lead change? There are so many areas, where we are predestined to do so.

Too often, in recent times, we are mainly reacting – not acting. Reacting on new geo-political developments, reacting on global game-changing companies entering our markets, reacting on a young girl from Sweden – and so on… We might decide not to like the Amazons, Googles & Facebooks, but where is our active leadership on alternatives?

I wish for us all to have more time to reflect, learn, adapt and change. Again, simply running faster, doing what we did yesterday just better and more efficiently is not going to bring us further. On the contrary…

We are entering into a new decade. In Europe, we have the opportunity to get (back) in the driver’s seat – and we have an obligation too.

Change is bad, when it happens to you. But making change happen is something to strive for. I wish for us all to find energy from and pleasure in being those, who drive change in a prosperous and sustainable direction…

With the best wishes for a great 2020 – and a new decade!

& Merry Christmas…


Henrik Lauridsen, GERBUS Academy