On March, 19th, Chris Yeh and Jeff Abbott are hosting our next GERBUS Knowledge Day on „Blitzscaling“ in Hamburg.

In short, blitzscaling means prioritizing speed over efficiency (and short term profitability) to achieve enduring market leadership. And from a European – and German, in particularly – perspective, this is a controversial approach.

And still, it is one of the reasons, why so many industries and business have been taken by surprise in their own market place. Blitzscaling has one purpose: to achieve enduring market leadership in a winner-take-most or winner-take-all market by reaching critical scale.

Look around: The examples of “newcomers”, who within just a few years have reached a position, where they can set the agenda, are many…

So how can Blitzscaling be relevant for European companies? Prior to our upcoming Knowledge Day, we were able to catch Chris Yeh, while travelling in India, to share some of his thoughts…

GERBUS: You are from the US, is Blitzscaling really just a Silicon Valley concept?

GERBUS: Do you see a potential or opportunities for European companies applying such strategy?

GERBUS: Is Blitzscaling at all relevant for traditional and existing businesses? Isn’t there a conflict with shareholder value?

GERBUS: What are the main steps in a Blitzscaling strategy? And adjusted to Europe, what would they be?

GERBUS: What is your key message you would like share with business leaders, March 19th?

For every company looking to grow their business exponentially, this GERBUS Knowledge Day is a “must visit”.

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The Blitzscaling Program