GERBUS Future Lab #Moonshots

Our #Moonshot Future Lab is designed to facility real out-of-the-box moonshot – thinking. It is the place, where new, also (at first) crazy, ideas can be born and matured. It is about combining new technologies with new business ideas, envisaging new business models, looking for potential connections, testing, adjusting and launching – or let go…

The #Moonshot Future Lab is part of, GERBUS Executive Forum’s Future_as_a_Service concept, providing business leaders access to our unique world of national and international renowned business experts and management thinkers. All our Future Labs are tailor-made, designed to enable change and create impact – guided by experts and fueled by the work with other peers, with similar mind-sets, equally positioned and focused.

As in all GERBUS Future Labs, the number of seats is limited to ensure an optimal interaction and dynamic progress. We will be looking for diversity in terms of industries, markets, point-of-departure, size of company etc.

Most importantly, the #Moonshot Future Lab is looking for personalities who dare the future!

#Moonshots will be co-chaired by Lisa Bouikidou and Stefan Hackländer. For more information, follow the links below. And to learn even more, send an email to or call us on the phone number given in the Future Lab #Moonshot-presentation.

Future Lab #Moonshots